A MURDER of Today’s Jim Crows Will Par-Tee at a ‘Masters’ Golf Tournament Spring Break in Augusta, Then Wing to Savannah: As the south goes, so do America’s social values – with corporations driving the flock out of the new Jim Crow laws

Jim Corporate Crows Collage Header

2015 ALEC will be in deep south twice in next two months:

The Southernization of America train rolls into Georgia.

April 6 – Privileged Augusta, Georgia for 2015 Masters Golf Tournament that will be played the week of Monday, April 6 through Sunday, April 12, 2015

May 15 – Antebellum Savannah, Georgia for Spring Task Force Summit

Augusta Chronicle SC Gov says Negros EvacuateThe Southernization of America: Evil ALEC laws patterned after Jim Crow:

Attacking Democratic voters, union workers, low-income people, women and others that corporate America wants to control using laws modeled by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

How Right to Work, Personhood and Voter Suppression are the New ALEC (Jim) Crow laws.

ALEC Crow Laws for all low-income Americans are like Jim Crow Laws targeted “Negros” across the south

Laws that inhibit minority voting – and stop public protesting
Southernization of America jpg

Watch/Use this PDA “Southernization of the Country” PowerPoint Presentation

As South Goes pdf cover

“As the South Goes” – Executive Summary

Corporations and corrupt lawmakers have managed to ruin the American middle class while getting fat with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

ALEC 2015 Spring Task Force Summit – May 15, 2015 – Savannah, Georgia

These folks know the evil south corporations like energy companies and industry give the exchange council anything it wants.

Here is an ALEC ad about the “Spring Task Force Summit” in Savannah:

ALEC Savannah Mtg May 15, 2015

ALEC Exposed graphicFuture ALEC Meetings:

2015 Annual Meeting – July 22-24, 2015 – San Diego, California

2015 States and Nation Policy Summit – December 2-4, 2015 – Scottsdale, Arizona


REWARD for photos of ALEC Fat Crows with Golf Clubs in their hands at 2015 ‘Masters’

Show these corporate executives partying in Augusta and Savannah at the expense of the 99 percent – better yet send us video

Send photos and video to South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News email

Plus please donate to our effort to expose human rights violations


Just look at the damage Jim Crow is doing in 2015 before getting out of their nests of iniquity for their catered breakfasts using golf tees to pick the bones of the 99 percent!

  • ALEC payroll:
  • 2,000 legislative members (all 50 states)
  • 85 members of the U.S. Congress
  • 14 sitting or former governors who are “alumni”
  • 300 corporate, foundation, and other private-sector members
  • 73 Republican lawmakers and 7 Democrats do their bidding in the states

ALEC CROW #2 21st Century Disenfranchisement by DonkeyHoteyEvil ALEC Crow Laws:

America’s mega-wealthy – who are not satisfied with just controlling and running the lives of millions of low-income U.S. residents – now they’re passing laws to micro-manage and destroy their fellow citizens.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC):

ALEC Laws exposed official website:


flipped ALEC CROW #1 21st Disenfran by DonkeyHoteyALEC Crow Laws are spawned by the American Legislative Exchange Council:





ALEC Wisconsin heritage:


ALEC Tentacles reach into Canada:


Twitter widget:

#ALECexposed #ALECwatch #ProgressiveDemocratsofAmerica

The new Jim Crow Laws of America

Progressive Democrats of America: Evil ALEC Crow Laws are like Jim Crow Laws.

Jim Crow Jubilee poster (Boston Public Library)

Read this info from Wikipedia:

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a politically conservative 501(c)(3) nonprofit policy organization, consisting of both state legislators and members of the private sector, mostly representing corporations. ALEC’s mission statement describes the organization’s purpose as the advancement of free-market principles, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty.

Among other activities, the group provides a venue for private individuals and corporations to assist politicians in developing what it considers model laws serving the economic and political aims of its members. ALEC also serves as a networking tool among state legislators, allowing them to research the handling and “best practices” of policy in other states.

ALEC currently has more than 2,000 legislative members representing all 50 states, as well as more than 85 members of congress and 14 sitting or former governors who are considered “alumni”. ALEC also claims approximately 300 corporate, foundation, and other private-sector members. A list of ALEC leaders in the states includes 73 Republican lawmakers and 7 Democrats.

The chairmanship of ALEC is a rotating position, with a new legislator appointed to the position each year. The current chair of ALEC is Noble Ellington of the Louisiana House of Representatives.

Day-to-day operations are run from ALEC’s Washington, D.C. office by an executive director and a staff of approximately 30.[3]

ALEC has more than 2,000 legislative members in the 50 states – ready and willing to follow conservative orders – and boast “alumni” of more than 85 members of congress and 14 sitting or former governors.

On the payroll literally/mentally are: 73 Republican lawmakers and 7 Democrats

ALEC was founded in September 1973, when a small group of conservative state legislators and policy advocates met in Chicago with the stated purpose of founding “A nonpartisan membership association for conservative state lawmakers who shared a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.” – Wikipedia

ALEC Founders and those with original ALEC fingerprints include:

1973 ALEC Co-founder: Henry John Hyde (April 18, 1924 – November 29, 2007), an American politician, was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1975 to 2007

1973 ALEC Co-founder: Paul M. Weyrich (October 7, 1942 – December 18, 2008) was an American conservative political activist and commentator, notable figurehead of the New Right and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, states Wikipedia:

1973 ALEC Co-founder: Lou Barnett, vet of Governor Ronald Reagan‘s 1968 presidential campaign and all around Republican conservative operative


SourceWatch website info about the money trail: Scroll down to read about the federal and state lawmakers who are involved with ALEC Laws


The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – original architects of evil ALEC Laws:

1973 ALEC Co-founders:

Henry Hyde – Republican politico, Illinois State Representative and later United States Congressman serving in the House of Representatives (1975 till death in 2007)

Paul Weyrich, Heritage Foundation co-founder, Republican American commentator and conservative political activist

Lou Barnett, vet of Governor Ronald Reagan‘s 1968 presidential campaign


Republican Bob Kasten, U.S. Congressman Representative and U.S. Senator

Republican Governors:

Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson

Michigan Gov. John Engler

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Republican U.S. Senators:

James Buckley of New York

Jesse Helms of North Carolina

Republican U.S. Congressmen:

Phil Crane of Illinois

Jack Kemp of New York

SourceWatch website with info about ERIC Laws and the conspiracy involving the the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that gets it sacks of cash (funding) from Koch Industries, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the Scaife family Allegheny Foundation, the Coors family Castle Rock Foundation, and more:

The American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, brings together corporations and legislators to write legislation prior to submitting it to local legislative bodies across the United States. This technique is being used to produce legislation that benefits corporate interests over the interests of local residents.

You see these laws causing political chaos in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and many other states. One of the ALEX projects includes efforts to limit voter participation by various means and thus drive down Democratic votes.

These activities disenfranchise voters through Voter ID requirements, restricting college student voting, disenfranchising persons with prison records, manipulating the voting process and more.

These laws have a greater impact on minorities, women, the elderly and the poor.

ERA #16 Carolyn Cook United for Equality ERA 2015

Andrea Miller graphic (7)

Check out each of these green links about the ERA as we salute PDA Guru Andrea Miller of Virginia, who is a big force restarting the ERA


ERA Brochure: A Woman’s Civil Right to Equal Constitutional Protection

ERA #3 ERA #15 ERA #17 Carolyn Cook #3 ERA Andrea Miller at 2011 PDA VA  Civil Rights Event by Rudolph Hickman Dr. William Ferguson Reid & Andrea Miller by Rudolph Hickman Andrea Miller PDA graphic Southernization of America jpg


john nichols.jpg “The Nation” journalist John Nichols is a “pioneering political blogger” who “has written the Beat since 1999.”

His posts have been circulated around the world and flow throughout the blogosphere.


The Nation logo

Nichols covers “breaking news and analysis of politics, the economy and activism.”



America’s Youth Uprising by John Nichols in the March 5-12, 2012 edition of The Nation.


“Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona,” John Nichols told a gathering of progressive Democrats discussed the current political obsession with austerity, the financial transaction tax and the immorality of childhood hunger in the richest nation in the world.

Nichols addressed the national leaders of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) during Feb. 2012 in Winslow, Arizona

Special thanks to Pamela Powers Hannley.

Video of John Nichols addressing the national leaders of Progressive Democrats of America

John Nichols tells VideoNation the story of the Wisconsin uprising – And how it transformed and democratized American politics, why it revived an “immense amount of hope,” even in an era in which money and corporations disproportionately influence politics, and how it proved that exercising one’s fundamental rights can effect major change.


Photo by Michael Eisenscher from U.S. Labor Against the War

Author John Nichols addressed the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Strategy Conference during Feb. 2012 in Winslow, AZ.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) Strategy Conference Feb. 2012 Winslow, AZ. Thank you to U.S. Labor Against the War

Help support the “Progressive Southern Strategy” developed by the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) members and PDA Southern Regional Organizer Rev. Terence A. Dicks of Augusta, Georgia.


John Nichols of “The Nation” discussed the current political obsession with austerity, the financial transaction tax, and the immorality of childhood and hunger in the richest nation in the world.

Photos courtesy of Michael Eisenscher from US Labor Against the War:

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 388-to-3 in favor of H.R. 347 late Monday, Feb. 27, 2012 – that ostensibly makes trespass illegal on the White House Grounds – but also allows the government to arrest Americans engaged in political protest anyplace/anywhere/anytime.

Georgia Senators crafted their own similar anti-union legislation – House Bill 469 – making protesting by workers illegal.

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