S.E. Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin: Woman shot on early November Saturday morning in Aiken County, S.C. in incident husband reportedly claims was accidental

S.E. Social Justice Breaking News

11-4-17 4:45 a.m. ET

Urgent Urgent:

Serious Shooting in Aiken County, SC

Breaking News and Public Safety Advisory


By Greg Peterson

South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News

News Director/Co-owner


(Aiken County, SC) – At this hour, numerous state and local law enforcement authorities are on the scene of a serious predawn shooting in Aiken County that has turned a quiet Saturday morning into tragedy.

The shooting was reported about 4:40 this morning at a home on Richardsons Lake Road.

At least initial reports indicate the suspect is claiming he accidentally shot his wife. That story has not been confirmed by authorities who will be conducting an in-depth investigation.

Dispatchers told emergency officials rushing to the scene that a man called his father to report the younger man had just accidentally shot his wife.

The victim was reportedly shot in the chest. It is not clear what type of gun was used in the shooting.
The victim’s age and her condition are not known.

S.E. Social Justice Breaking News is withholding the exact address and identities of those involved until relatives have been notified. According to reports, the address does not have a prior history of domestic violence on the dispatch records.

More details as they become available. If you have information, are with law enforcement or have photos please call our newsroom at 1-906-273-2433

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