From booked at local inn – to – booked at the county jail: Two arrested, ambulance called for male at the Emanuel County Jail in Swainsboro, Georgia,

South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin – 12-16-17 5:08 a.m. ET –

Double Domestic Assault in Georgia on a Saturday morning: Both to jail, ambulance called to jail

Swainsboro assaults graphic booked to booked

By Greg Peterson
South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News
Co-owner, News Director

(Swainsboro, GA) – Emanuel County law enforcement was called to a double domestic assault shortly after 4 a.m. this morning, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 that left two in jail and one of those needing paramedics.

Roadway Inn, Old Swainsboro Inn 12-16-17

The call was to room 131 at the Rodeway Inn (formerly Swainsboro Inn) at 612 South Main Street in Swainsboro, GA. Police arrived quickly, and just as quickly had both cuffed and en-route to jail.

A white female and a black male – names unknown – were taken as apparent mutual combatants to the Emanuel County Jail located at 769 GA-57 in Swainsboro.

However, while en-route with the suspects, officers requested that an ambulance meet them at the county jail. The male suspect/victim requested to be treated for a “neck injury” that police say the male suspect received in a traffic accident several days ago.

Emanuel County Sheriff's Department FB header

Emanuel County Sheriff’s Department in Swainsboro, Georgia

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