Federal prosecutors in South Carolina reveal a secretive cash operation that sends millions to Iraqi officials – Cash sent from South Carolina from U.S. contractors – and they charged an Anderson man – but won’t revealed the name of the secret company “Company A”

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Intercepting hush-hush payments to Iraq from U.S. contractor leads to very secretive charges – allegedly skimming off $71,000 out of millions
Anderson, SC Secret Iraq Payments Indictment 1


By Greg Peterson
South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News
Co-Owner, News Director

(Anderson, SC) – Federal prosecutors have quietly filed charges against a Anderson, SC man who works for a super secret company that sends millions in clandestine cash payments from South Carolina to Iraqi officials.

53-year-old Charley Dean Hill of Anderson, SC is accused of not sending about $73,000 worth of the payments that were being sent to Iraq, according to the incredible felony information – a tool federal prosecutor use to get someone in custody

Federal prosecutors would only refer to the U.S. contractor as “Company A.”
In fact, the indictment gives no clue about how big the cash payments operation is to send cash payments to Iraq. However, it appears that millions of dollars were routed to Iraqi officials.

Scroll down to read the charges or click on link – and you can read or even download:
Secretive Program: Charley Dean Hill Iraq Payments

Hill is accused of making false statements to an FBI agent who traveled to Iraq to ferret out the scheme.

From February 2006 through February 2009, Hill “was employed in various capacities by a United States company that contracted with and provided integrated security and critical infrastructure services to, among other customers, the United States military (“company A”). company A operated in the Republic of lraq, among other places.,” the felony information states.

“As an employee of Company A, Hill was responsible for working with others, including Iraqi lawyers, translators, and others, to obtain licenses, permits, registrations, and visas in Iraq on Company A’s behalf,” the charges state.
On February 11, 2010, “Hill was interviewed by Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) … at the United States Victory Base Complex, Baghdad, Iraq, concerning payments made by Hill on behalf of Company A to Iraqi entities in connection with licensing and permitting processes,” the secretive information states.

“During that interview, Hill knowingly and willfully made materially false representations to the FBI concerning whether he ever mailed shipments of money from Iraq into the District of South Carolina. In particular, Hill falsely stated that he never sent mail shipments containing money from Iraq to South Carolina, when in fact he did so on numerous prior occasions, amounting to at least $71,900.”

Hill allegedly “knowingly and willfully make a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and representation,” the information alleges. Hill “falsely told the FBI that (he) never sent mail shipments containing money from Iraq to South Carolina.” Hill “did so on numerous prior occasions, amounting to at least $71,900,” federal prosecutors allege.

The government wants Hill to pay back what he allegedly took – and prosecutors want the government paid back pronto – as in this Friday.

“Hill will execute, no later than December 22, 2017, the Consent to Administrative Forfeiture for funds he personally received for his participation in the fraudulent scheme. This Judgment will be in the amount of $71,900,” the felony information states.

The prosecutors are:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Max Cauthen of Greenville, SC

Assistant U.S. Attorney David M. Fuhr, Trial attorney for the U.S. Justice Department Fraud Section in Washington, D.C.

Hill also has previous address in La France, SC and Clemson, SC.

Anderson, SC Secret Iraq Payments Indictment 1Anderson, SC Secret Iraq Payments Indictment 1

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