Exclusive – First arrest as alleged fake Georgia pain clinic busted by feds

URGENT – Exclusive – South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin – 12-23-17 – 5:12 a.m.

Exclusive: Arrests begin in DEA raid on a south Georgia pain clinic the feds say was an opioid mill – including co-conspirator at pharmacy

Pain clinic graphic

DEA Opioid “Conspiracy” Raid: First arrest in alleged Pain Pill Mill:  Fake pain and rehab clinic in Camden County, Georgia allegedly involved in opioid sales  charging $300 per prescription – Drugs seekers sent to conspirator controlled pharmacy

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By Greg Peterson
South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News
Co-Owner, News Director

(St .Mary’s, Georgia) – First arrest after DEA “conspiracy” raid on an alleged fake pain and rehab clinic in Camden County, Georgia allegedly involved in the distribution of opioids charged up to $300 per prescription – and sent drugs seekers to a pharmacy controlled by co-conspirators, the feds say.

Numerous arrests are expected – however the first person charged is 46-year-old Silverly Ann May who has several Florida addresses. The clinic is near the state line.
May faces up to five years in federal prison if convicted of felony “conspiracy.”

Pain clinic graphic 2
The clinic was raid in June 2017 and the first charges were filed on Thurs., Dec. 21, 2017
In fact, the alleged conspiracy deposited over $1.2 million dollars in a bank account.
The feds allege the pain clinic trafficked illegally in opioids such as oxycodone, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, and alprazolam.

The investigation involves the “Coastline Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a nominal pain care clinic” at 40l1 Georgia Highway 40 East in St. Mary’s, Georgia.
The alleged conspiracy began on Oct. 9, 2014 and ended on June 13, 2017 – when federal agents moved in.

The co-conspirators allegedly plan involved to “knowingly and intentionally distribute and dispense, and cause to be distributed and dispensed, quantities of controlled substances, including oxycodone, hydromorphone, and hydrocodone, Schedule II controlled substances, and alprazolam, a Schedule IV controlled substance, not for a legitimate medical purpose and not in the usual course of professional practice,” the felony federal information, a charging tool used in addition to indictments.

“Members of the conspiracy” hired and trained employees and employed one doctor (unnamed in the criminal information) in an alleged effort to look legitimate.

“Drug seeking customers typically paid between $200 and $300” to the alleged bogus clinic “in exchange for prescriptions for controlled substance.” The drug seekers then “filed at one of more pharmacies , controlled by conspirators outside the usual course of professional practice and without legitimate medial purpose,: the criminal information charges

The conspirators opened and made use of Ameris Bank” by opening an account “to promote and facilitate the criminal activity” that allegedly include numerous types of opioids.

The deposits total over $1.2 million dollars – $1,271, 940.11.
Some of money was used to pay employees and operate the alleged fake pain clinic.
The co-conspirators plan was allegedly “to conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the sources, the ownership, or control of the proceeds of specified unlawful activity,” federal prosecutors charge.

The Southern District of Georgia federal prosecutors who closed down the clinic and are expected to file more charges as part of the conspiracy:
U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia Bobby L. Christine
Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian T. Rafferty, criminal division chief
Assistant U.S. Attorney Karl I. Knoche

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