Wrecker Crash: Plus Two police chases leave two Aiken County men jailed – one chase ended early Sunday after lasting more than an hour and a half and speeding through streets of Perry, Salley and Wagener, SC

S.E. Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin – 1-7-17 8:55 a.m. ET

Wrecker wreck: Driver’s lead police on two chases – including high speed chase through several cities – and an earlier chase in North Augusta

By Greg Peterson
S.E. Social Justice Breaking News
Owner, News Director

(Aiken County, SC) – A high speed police chase that began late Saturday night did not end until covering nearly 100 miles and lasting about an hour and a half.

Wagener chase

Meanwhile a wrecker wrecked this morning.
The predawn wrecker crash and rollover occurred in Aiken, SC about 4 a.m. today, Sun. Jan. 7, 2017.
An officer told the dispatcher: “we’re gonna need a big wrecker” to pull the crashed wrecker up from a “steep embankment” in Aiken, SC. The wrecker driver received minor injuries.

The chase repeatedly wound through the towns of Perry, Salley and Wagener, SC involving a hometown boy.
The chase happened at the same time firefighters and police were busy at a restaurant fire north east of Aiken.
Eric Pardue chase - mug 1 201825-year-old Eric Pardue of Wagener, SC is jailed without bond this morning facing numerous charges.

Pardue has a criminal history that includes third degree assault and battery.

Initial charges include drunk driving, driving with an open alcohol container, and driving on a suspended license first offense.

Additional traffic charges are sure to be filed.


The driver led Aiken County Sheriff’s department officers on more than a dozens roads – so many the list looks like a road atlas.

Just a few of the roads/highways the chase included (some repeatedly) are Wagener Road, Rainbow Drive, (Wagener) Airport Road, Railroad Avenue, Festival Trail Road, Rogers Cemetery Road, Highway 389 (aka John Nunn Highway), Wimbledon Road, Clinton Church Road, Nantuckett Road, Kirkland Blizzard Road, Ernest Johnson Road, Poinsettia Road, Hollow Creek Road, Honeysuckle Road, Thornridge Road, Jeffcoat Road, South Dixie Highway and numerous more.

The speeds ranged from about 40 miles per hour to over 90 miles per hour. Several local residents tried to intercede in the chase by blocking the speeding car – but the driver kept making turns – like going in squares to circle the towns from all directions.
“He keeps starting and stopping – and swerving in and out of lanes,” the deputy said.
Traffic conditions were light at the time – despite a Jeep and another vehicle trying to help police – even if it was misguided assistance.
“We’ve got somebody’s civilian car trying to block him,” the deputy said adding it was a gray Jeep Liberty.
Then it happened again:
“Aiken, we’ve got somebody else trying to block him,” the deputy leading the chase reported to 911 Dispatch.
The chase wandered a few times into the counties of Orangeburg and Lexington, SC.
Law enforcement officers tried several times to lay stop sticks in front of the vehicle however, the driver was wary of the maneuver and repeatedly changed roads and directions including off-road through one person’s property.
The driver was apparently spooked by the many residents watching the chase – some of whom he feared were cops with spike strips.
Private vehicles “have him spooked,” the deputy said as the suspect made another turn.
The driver finally stopped and a felony arrest was made by deputies.

Meanwhile late Saturday morning, another driver lead North Augusta Police on a chase through the streets of the city – on and off W. Martintown Road. That chase latest about 20 minutes and reached speeds of about 60 miles per hour.
North Augusta Department of Public Safety officers arrested a man – but his identity has not been confirmed.

Eric Pardue chase - mug 1 2018Wagener chase

Arrests in Aiken County over past few days has included a woman charged in big heist, S.C. Highway Patrol busts “chop shop” operation, several arrested on drug trafficking charges, man gets scuffed up fighting with North Augusta police, and Augusta, GA man allegedly had child in the car while fleeing police while drunk

South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin – 12-19-17 – 11:22 a.m. ET

Fleeing cops while drunk with kid in car, fighting with police, a $10,000 plus heist in North Augusta, drugs and more drugs, elderly man jailed in domestic violence case, and huge “chop shop” busted by the South Carolina Highway Patrol

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By Greg Peterson
South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News
Co-Owner, News Director

Major $10,000 plus grand larceny charge filed against North Augusta woman – but who got ripped off

Jennifer Owens mug 1

A North Augusta woman has been arrested and jailed for an alleged big heist.
30-year-old Jennifer Owens was arrested by North Augusta Department of Public Safety at 3 a.m. this morning, Tues., Dec. 19, 2017
Owens is charged with grand larceny value $10,000 or more

Aiken County teen held on 8 major drugs charges involving the distribution of methamphetamine including several enhanced charges for allegedly dealing near a school

Denzell Jackson mug 1
17-year old Denzell Jackson of New Ellenton, SC was arrested about 11 a.m. Sunday morning, Dec. 17, 2017
Drugs/trafficking in methamphetamine or cocaine base -100 grams or more
Drugs/trafficking methamphetamine > 100 grams w/in 1/2 mile of school
Drugs/ possession with intent to distribute (PWID) schedule II controlled substance
Drugs/ PWID schedule IV controlled substance
Drugs/PWID schedule IV controlled substance w/in mile of school
Drugs/ PWID schedule IV controlled substance
Drugs/ PWID schedule IV controlled substance w/in 1/2 mile of a school
Drugs/ PWID schedule II controlled substance w/in 1/2 mile of a school

South Carolina Highway Patrol busts major “chop shop” operation out of towing business

David Quarles mug 1
41-year-old David Quarles of Windsor, SC was arrested about 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 18, 2017
Improper towing
Driving under suspension 3rd
Chop shop, unlawfully own, operate, conduct, or to transport
Chop shop, unlawfully own, operate, conduct, or to transport
A breach of trust with fraudulent intent value $2000 or less

Trafficking and Traffic charges

Markale Simpkins mug 1

24 -year-old Markale Simpkins of Aiken, SC was arrested Saturday night on numerous traffic charges and meth/cocaine trafficking charges
Giving false info to public safety officer
Driving under suspension 2nd
Failure to yield
Drugs/trafficking in meth, or cocaine base-10 grams or more
Plus a hold for Columbia County Sheriff’s Department in Appling, GA.

Augusta, GA man busted for drunk driving and fleeing from police allegedly with his child in the vehicle

Jack Maddox mug 1

30-year-old Jack Maddox of Augusta, GA was arrested Sunday night and booked into the Aiken County Detention Center
Failure to stop for blue lights
Child/child endangerment, commit certain vehicular offenses
Driving under influence alcohol/substance 2nd
Failure to pay

Elderly man charged in domestic attack

Willie Scurry mug 1

64-year-old Willie Scurry, Jr. of Pelion, SC was arrested Monday evening around 5:20 p.m.
3rd degree domestic violence


Beech Island man busted for allegedly dealing pot including allegedly selling marijuana near a school

Dominique Beal mug 1

21-year-old Dominique Beal of Beech Island, SC was arrested about 9 p.m. Monday by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.
Hold for North Augusta Department of Public Safety
Possession with intent to distribute (PWID) marijuana within proximity to school or park
PWID marijuana

It’s not nice to fight the cops – and Quarrentin Schoultz mug 1get hurt


26-year-old Quarrentin Schoultz of Jackson, SC was busted about 7 p.m. Monday for allegedly fighting with police while drunk
Hold for South Carolina Parole and Probation Services
Open container, beer/wine
Resisting arrest

Aiken-Augusta Area Traffic Advisory

S.E. Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin and Traffic Advisory – 12-5-17 2:45 a.m. ET

(Aiken County, SC) – Numerous law enforcement and emergency personnel are responding to a serious accident on Interstate 20 in Aiken County, SC.

Entrapment and a rollover have been reported in this serious accident.

Its not clear how many vehicles are involved.

The crash was reported at 2:30 a.m. ET today, Dec. 5, 2014.

The wreck is reported in and along the westbound lanes at about the 11 milemarker.

Among those responding are firefighters, the S.C. Highway Patrol, the Aiken County Sheriff’s department and others.



wagner rollover.jpg

Severe accident reported in Aiken County, SC. 12-3-17 8:27 a.m.

Rollover, into pole, entrapment

The accident is reported on Festival Trail near Poole Rd/Railroad Ave. in Wagner, SC.

There is entrapment. The vehicle rolled and hit a power pole.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Department, S.C. Highway Patrol, Wagner Volunteer Fire Department and the Salley Volunteer Fire Department have been called to the scene due to a power pole was struck and lines are on the ground.

Those SCE&G power lines are sparking and have caught the grass on fire.


This is the page for South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News traffic advisories:

Old sudlow lake rd wreck.png

S.E. Social Justice Breaking News Bulletin and traffic advisory – 11-22-17 6:10 a.m. ET

Serious accident reported in Aiken County, SC – entrapment and injuries

Rollover accident with entrapment and injuries

Old Sudlow Lake Road near Richland Rd.

Numerous emergency officials are responding


11-17-18 2:15 a.m. ET

Aiken Fire.jpg

Firefighters are battling a fire in Aiken – traffic will be tied up in that area as hoses are laid.

Fire Reported at 2907 Catawba Street for a fully engulfed shed fire located behind the home.

Located behind The Jewelers Loupe at 1304 Richland Ave. West in Aiken, SC 29801

Officials will investigate the cause.


South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News Traffic Advisory:

11-13-17 3:30 a.m. ET

Two bad accidents on same block of  Old Waynesboro Rd. in south Augusta, GA.

Avoid the area for at least an hour or two.

One wreck is located at 4500 Old Waynesboro Rd.

The other at 4532 Old Waynesboro Rd.near the Hephzibah-McBean Rd.

Fire, paramedics and law enforcement are on scene of both.


South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News traffic advisory

11-12-17 8:56 p.m.

South Carolina and Georgia law enforcement are rushing to the Sand Bar Ferry Road bridge between the two states. One of the injuries is a child.


Reports of a flipped pickup truck – and possible entrapment.
Expecting long delays on that bridge for a while.
Its not clear whose side of the line the wreck is on.

First reports are the child has back pain.


11-12-17 11:50 a.m.

A car has run into a home in Aiken County, SC. No word on injuries.

Emergency officials are heading to Clearwater, SC for a car that has hit a house near the intersection of Townsend and Clearwater streets.


South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News traffic advisory

11-10-17 12:05

A major and possibly deadly high speed chase is underway in the Aiken and Edgefield county areas (Mountain Zion last cross seat – Edgefield wants chase stopped).
A car is being chased at over 100 MPH on U.S. Highway 25 northbound – has been going on for about ten minutes.

Suspect wanted on traffic and drug charges.


South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News traffic advisory – plus stabbing and Mustang theft lookout:

11-9-17 11:06 p.m. ET

Bad accident on Walton Way in Augusta.

Emergency officials are at the scene of the crash on Walton Way at St Sebastian Way

Also – officials investigating a stabbing after man shows up at ER with two stab wounds.

Plus stolen car lookout:

Richmond County Officials in Augusta 1996 Ford Mustang GA Tag RIN 3300

Tinted windows except passengers side. Key was left in car

South Eastern Social Justice Breaking News traffic advisory:

11-8-17 7 p.m. ET

Serious two-vehicle accident reported in Aiken County, SC on I-20.

For details click on this link


Emergency officials are on the scene of an accident on Interstate 20 in Aiken County, SC.

The wreck is reported approx at the 23 miler marker westbound

Among those assisting on the scene are the South Carolina Highway Patrol, EMDS and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Department

One of the vehicles reportedly has run into the woods.

Entrapment was reported